A module is a complete individual element containing mechanical, electrical and logical functions.

OCM modules support handling (straight lines, curves, transfers), detecting (dimensioning, weighing and scanning), sorting, loading and unloading.

Modules can be bidirectional, enabling both unloading and loading, and they can handle a wide range of parcel sizes.

Conveying - Conveyors are embedded with sensors, photocells, actuators, so that they possess logical capabilities.

Detecting - Item detection is guaranteed via the automated dimensioning weighing system (DWS), which also provides dynamic tracking and legal-for-trade weighing and volume measurements.

Sorting - Fast Sorter (pop-up), Wheel Sorter (switch wheel) and PLT Display Visual Sorter, along with accurate and reliable mechanics, offer a resilient and simple data control and management system.

Software - OCM Modularity also concerns software, which ensures the managing, the secure exchange and control of structured information in the system.
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