The real modular approach of OCM  is the ultimate modular design for improving efficiency, reliability, and saving money, in automated material handling processes.

OCM modularity consists of predefined mechanical, electrical and logical modules which can be combined to provide customers with turnkey systems to sort and manage parcel flows.

When it comes to reaching improvement in industry processes, automation and technology are effective solutions, but the “way” it decides to automates them is key as well.

We know that companies, such as posts, couriers and express, need quick production, short delivery times and simplicity in operations. A great advantage to them is now the possibility of installing customized material handling and sorting systems consist of a few build-on-standard technological components.

OCM modules fulfill all functions. They handle, detect, sort, load and unload parcels and packages.

OCM modular approach to sorting systems helps to create simple, efficient and scalable turnkey solutions. “Plug-and-produce” is the vision for this new industry standard.
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