OCM Modules offers a variety of possible layouts according to different sites. That is to say, a few individual technological components suffice to design or refit any depot layouts.
Modules can be mixed and matched and repeated with several similar stations not only in one single depot, but also into the entire network.

OCM high-quality standard modules have flexibility and remain expandable over time.

First, they are suitable for adaption, as each individual component can be moved, replaced or added at any time.

Second, modules offer dynamic configuration so that the operator can have same technology and same know-how,  same modules and same spare parts in different depots and hubs.

The use of high-quality built-on-standard modules has positive effects both when you install new depot and calculate all the life-cycle of the assembly (referring to purchase, installation, operations of the system, maintenance), and when you have to re-equip.

OCM modularity duly responds to medium and small site needs and it optimizes efficiency and reduces costs. It provides simple facilities, betters workflow and assures easy maintenance.

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